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My name is Anthony, I am 27 years old from a suburb of Chicago. I'm a (soon to be) certified personal trainer through ISSA, and I aim to make my self happy. Here you will find all things from fitness, to nerd culture, to random things that I like. If you're looking for a blog thats strictly fitness, well you won't find it here, haha

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amandasclimb replied to your post: Possiblyunpopularopinionthatcouldhavemelosefollowersbutidontcareitsmyblogillwritewhatiwant.
I agree! I mean obviously, its easy to appreciate how good someone looks, or to base an opinion based on whether you find them attractive or not….but you have to go further than that…there are a lot of celebs I love because they are hilarious!

Yeah exactly. I have a lot of friends who only listen to a certain person, or watch a movie/tv show because theres a certain person in it, only because that person is very attractive.

One of the things that sparked this was when I was looking at posts with “The Avengers” tag yesterday a LOT of people kept saying how Chris Evans/Hemsworth and RDJ “looked so sexy” it was coming off as if the only reason they want to see the movie is for eye candy. Why not the fact that they’re great actors and doing justice to the roles they were given?

I mean, in my eyes yeah Scarlet Johansen looks amazing, sexy, possibly every positive word you can say but I’m not seeing The Avengers because of her, I’m seeing it because I’ve been waiting 3 years for this film and every person in the film (that I know of so far) have done amazing jobs as the characters their portraying.

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