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My name is Anthony, I am 27 years old from a suburb of Chicago. I'm a (soon to be) certified personal trainer through ISSA, and I aim to make my self happy. Here you will find all things from fitness, to nerd culture, to random things that I like. If you're looking for a blog thats strictly fitness, well you won't find it here, haha

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HW: 265 LW: 189 CW: ???

amandasclimb replied to your post: So.
Yay about the excess skin……Totes LOL about the ninja turtle body LOL

it’s definitely a win. I mean look at how strong/muscular/ripped they look in the shadows!

my shoulders are already pretty wide like theirs.I just need my back to widen, lose more bf to have the muscles more defined,and I’m set

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