Weapon 17

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My name is Anthony, I am 27 years old from a suburb of Chicago. I'm a (soon to be) certified personal trainer through ISSA, and I aim to make my self happy. Here you will find all things from fitness, to nerd culture, to random things that I like. If you're looking for a blog thats strictly fitness, well you won't find it here, haha

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HW: 265 LW: 189 CW: ???


My self esteem never existed. Its still incredibly low right now, but better than it was.

Women like guys with confidence, and thats something I’ve always, and still somewhat, lack.

Also, those rare times where I do be/act confident around women I am interested in, for some reason that woman just isn’t interested in me. I always end up being her good/best friend instead.

2 years ago on November 27th, 2011 | J | 1 note