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My name is Anthony, I am 27 years old from a suburb of Chicago. I'm a (soon to be) certified personal trainer through ISSA, and I aim to make my self happy. Here you will find all things from fitness, to nerd culture, to random things that I like. If you're looking for a blog thats strictly fitness, well you won't find it here, haha

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HW: 265 LW: 189 CW: ???

I hit the road for Louisiana at 530 in the morning.

I’m worried about a couple things

  • My eating, it’s the south and I’m pretty sure I’m the only member of my family who watches what he/she eats. I’m hoping there will be healthy alternative this weekend
  • My familys reaction, the last time any of them (who doesn’t have Facebook) saw me, I was around 240. 35+lbs later (if you got by numerical, I clearly dont look 205) I look like a whole new person. I’m expecting negative, positive, and even people ignoring me as usual
  • Will I get the time to get any exercise in.
  • Sleep, I want my sleep! Thats the main reason for this vacation
  • I may be meeting my older brother for the first time…. ever. With him, my nephews who don’t even know I exist. I feel like I should give them 13 years worth of pocket candy, or something.
  • WillshestillllovemewhenIgetback

I’m just hoping for an overall fun vacation. Seeing family,familiar faces, and just having fun.

I haven’t had a legit vacation since I was 22, I’m almost 25, long time my friend.

Long time.

But my offer is still up! I have another 2 week vacation coming up, probably this summer, Who wants to hang out? ;)

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